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NC ISA 2014 Tournament Dates
« on: January 05, 2014, 10:18:06 PM »
July 25-27:
NC ISA State Championships
Men Platinum/Gold, Silver, Bronze & Rec
Entry fee: $300.00
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

Womenís State Championship
Entry fee: $300.00
Mark Watson Park, Sylva, NC
(about 15 minutes from Cherokee)

Aug 1-3:

Aug 8-10:
ISA Wood Bat World Series
Entry fee: $265.00
This year bats will be provided - we will have three bats at each field
(this is due to a big jump in the number of home run hits, and people complaining about a few teams having ďdoctored batsĒ - unfortunately, I found several sites where  you can get a wood bat doctored.  So Iíll provide the bats this year)
Sevierville Park
Sevierville, TN

Aug 15-17:
CO-ED STATE Tournament
Waynesville, NC

Aug 22-24:
ISA Womenís World Series
Upper - Unlimited Home Runs
Lower - 0 HR all are outs
Entry fee: $325.00
Pine Grove Complex
Lexington, SC

Gold, Silver & Bronze
Entry fee: $325.00
ALL NIT winner will receive a paid world berth and a BYE in the brackets
Lexington, SC

Aug 29-31:

Sept 5-7:

Sept 12-14:
ISA Southern Recreational Championship
This is by invitation only
Teams from NC, SC, TN & GA
Contact your state director if you are interested
Entry fee: $325.00
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

Sept 19-21:
World Warm Up
Entry fee: $185.00
Blackwell Field
Canton, NC

Sept 26-28:
Men Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
Entry fee: $325.00
Teams must earn a berth
Citizens Park

Oct 3-5:
ISA Co-ed World Series
Gold, Silver, Bronze
Entry fee: $325.00
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

Oct 10-12:
Fall States
Upper - 4 HR then a out
Lower - 1 HR then IEO
Entry fee: $225.00
Catawba Meadows
Morganton, NC

Oct 17-19:
Pumpkin Ball Co-ed State
Entry fee: $200.00
3 GG
Mark Watson Park
Sylva, NC

Oct 24-26:
Toys for Tots
Entry fee:
$150.00 + 5 New toys valued at least $10.00 each
or $200.00
Minimum of 3GG
Blackwell Field
Canton, NC

ISA Halloween Havoc
7/3 co-ed
Entry fee: $150.00
All games will start at 7:30 - we will play until we get done - For teams playing saturday in the Pumpkin ball, if you play friday night, you will get a later start time saturday. 
Players run the bases backwards
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

Nov 1-2:
ISA Pumpkin Ball Co-ed World Series
Entry fee: $250.00
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

ISA Menís Jokerís Wild
Entry fee: $200.00
First 10 teams
John A Crowe Complex
Cherokee, NC

Nov 7-9:
Catawba Meadows

Nov 14-16:
Men & Coed
Entry fee: $185.00
Format depends on the number of teams
minimum of 3 GG
John A Crowe Complex

Nov 21-23:
2 Pitch State
Men - but co-ed teams are welcome to play
Blackwell Field
Canton, NC

Nov 28-30:

BEST GPS ADDRESSES to get the the fields:

John A Crowe Complex - Cherokee
18 Cooper Farm Rd
Whittier, NC 28789

BCA Field
(Old Blackwell Field)
100 Park St
Canton, NC

Mike Caldwell
Southern Region V P
ISA NC State Director
828-506-7610 Cell
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